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R2000GZ (S2600GZ) is not booting


I have an R2000GZ (2600GZ) that isn't booting. It runs Windows Small Business Server 2011 and has been in production for ten months. I rebooted the server yesterday evening and it will not complete the Power On Self Test (POST). I hear three short beeps and have no video at the console.

I'm looking at the server's Integrated BMC Web Console. The Server Health tab in the BMC Web Console says CATERR reports that it has been asserted. Health status for CATERR is critical (its red) and it reports reading 0x0002.

I'm using the BMC's Console Redirection feature but have no video there either.

I have tried to power cycle the server several times but get the same results.

I've reseated the RAM but that didn't make a difference. I get the same result.

There are two Xeon E5-2620 processors in this system.

I suspect something is wrong with one of the CPUs because the CATERR sensor is under the Processor category.

Looking at the Event Log, in the BMC Web Console, I see a message from BMC FW Health that says 'P1 Therm Margin' sensor has failed and may not be providing a valid reading - Asserted.

Edit added 4/12/14 at 12:26 PM CDT.

I removed CPU # 1 and put CPU # 2 in the CPU # 1 socket. I removed CPU # 1's memory and moved CPU # 2's RAM to CPU# 1 RAM and tried booting with one processor but that didn't make a difference.

I added the former CPU # 1 in the CPU # 2 socket and reinstalled all the RAM but it didn't make a difference.

In the BMC Web Console, the following sensors are unknown in the health column:

P1 Therm Margin

P1 Therm Ctrl %

P1 DTS Therm Mgn

DIMM Thrm Mrgn1

DIMM Thrm Mrgn 2

DIMM Thrm Mrgn 3

DIMM Thrm Mrgn 4

I now suspect my motherboard has a bad temperature sensor.

The RAID controller is the C600 and the Intel Rapid Storage Enterprise driver was installed in the OS. The storage configuration consists of one RAID 5 array with 6 Intel SSDSC2CT24 SSD drives. Can these drives be moved to a different R2000GZ with the same hardware configuration? Will the RAID controller in the different R2000GZ see the drives and the RAID array and boot from them?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes the RAID disks can be moved to a new system with same hardware configuration. Of course you'll need to enable RSTe on the new server first before it can recognize the RAID volumes.


I moved the drives and the array was recognized and the server booted from it. Thank you for your help.

I'd found the "Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel RSTe) for Microsoft Windows Operating System Software User's Guide" and it said that you could do it but seeing is believing sometimes and thankfully it worked like the manual said it would.

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