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RAID Controller not seen on reboot (S2600 - RMS25CB040)


Have Intel Server with S2600ip4LHPC mobo and RMS25CB040 controller.

Upon warm boot, no controller is discovered = no data drive.

Upon cold boot, controller is discovered = have my data drive.

No other issues, is only an issue each month following Windows updates.

BIOSID: SE5C600.86B.01.02.0009.042520121156

RMS25CB040 is 6.702.7.0

Not sure what changed...have not really done much with system since original deployment Q4-2012

Past several months have just been powering down and restarting as work around...

Could have been addition of drive that is on the internal RAID a non-member, non-RAID drive.

Integrated controller, using ESRT2, has 3 drives, 2 RAID-1, 1 non-RAID

External controller, RMS25CB040, has 4 drives RAID-10

POST never 'sees' the RAID card on restarts - takes a power cycle to discover the card.

We have had some issues with Windows Updates on 2003 servers, this is a 2012... but this is obviously pre-O/S.

Could be driver update distributed through Microsoft updates.

Just curious if anyone has ideas before I start throwing a lot at it...

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It would be a good idea to capture the Intel System Information Retrieval Utility logs to learn what's being recorded when this issue occurs.

Additionally, I noticed that the BIOS version of the unit is a bit out of date. In order to update to the most recent version 02.04.0003 you need to update the BIOS to the 01.03.0002 first.

It was not noted in your comments but in case is needed the most recent firmware for the RAID controller is 23.33.0-0022.

Are there any other cards installed in the system?

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Thanks for looking.

Yes, realized everything was older than I thought...have downloaded updates and will try to apply - soon - before next 'update Tuesday'...

With luck won't screw something else up...

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