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RAID: Potential non-optimal configuration due, PD commissioned as Emergency Spare


I recently bought some 4TB disks (WD4003FZEX) to make a new RAID to replace an old one that failed. Because my old intel RAID card did not support 4TB disks, I bought a new raid card as well (RS2BL080DE). I created a raid-10 using 4 disks to use as backup storage and started a big rsync. During that operation, two of the disks were marked as failed and taken offline - but luckily, the RAID was only degraded and not failed. The problem may be the disks, but I realized I had woefully out of date firmware and drivers for the raid card, mother board and OS - any of which might also have been the culprit. So, I upgraded all of the drivers and firmware and my OS (to CentOS 6.5) and installed the latest version of RAID Web Console 2. After all that, I told the RAID card to rebuild the failed disks (one at a time). The rebuild went OK and the RAID was brought back to "optimal", however, those two disks are now marked as "emergency spare" and once per day I get an email reminder for each of them resembling the following:

Controller ID: 0 Reminder: Potential non-optimal configuration due, PD commissioned as Emergency Spare -:-:2

Event ID:406

Generated On: Wed Jan 08 10:16:15 EST 2014

System Details---

Server IP: [redacted]

OS name:Linux

OS Version:2.6

Driver Name:megaraid_sas

Driver Version:06.601.06.00

Image Details---

BIOS Version : 3.27.00_4.12.05.00_0x05270000

Firmware Package Version: 12.13.0-0154

Firmware Version : 2.130.383-2315

I'm running on linux (CentOS 6.5) and using RWC2, but I cannot figure out any way to tell the RAID that these disks are not emergency spares. I'm not even sure what it means to be an emergency spare at the same time that a disk is part of the RAID array.

Can anyone help me resolve this problem? Thanks.


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