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RAID question



I am not very knowledgeable about RAID, but I have a RAID server that seems to have gone bad. It contains 2 HD's @ 2 TB each in a RAID array. I believe it is the OS of the server that has gone bad and its File system is Reiser.

My question is this: I am not able to access the box and the info on the HD's is important to me. I have a partial backup in another state, but not able to get there for quite awhile, as undergoing chemo currently.

If I remove the two drives from this RAID array in my NMH405 and put them into a Rosewill external case that has two choices "big" and "jbod" is the "big" the same as a RAID because "big" means it has combined the contents of both drives into one.

I want to see if I am able to access the info so I can move it to another good drive.

I am not sure if I have given you all the information you need. If not, please ask.

My basic question is can I move two RAIDed drives from one box to another without losing data? I am not able to access the data n the box the drives are currently in.

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If you were running with RAID1 (mirroring), you should be able to look at either drive from that adapter and see the files.

If you were running with RAID0 (striping), you will not be able to see anything unless the RAID Array is operational.

Neither "Big" or "JBOD" support RAID, BTW.

Hope this helps,


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