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RES2CV360 Firmware


I had a corrupted firmware on my RES2CV360 in my R2224GZ4GC4 chassis that was constantly toggling drive presence on empty slots.


The only firmware I can find on intel seems to be the wrong version or incomplete. Hard to say. I found a newer version in the wild but it's still older than what was on the card.


Before I flashed it said the version was and mfg version 2.06.


On intel I found

Now I have and mfg 1.04. Newest on intel and appears to work, however the drive order is messed up. The constant presence toggling of the two empty slots is resolved.


Also I found a 13.00.10 and mfg 1.05 in the wild. (RES2CV360-R_FW0.13.0.10_MFG1.05_Update_Package)


Looks like I possibly should have used ( It has no mfg file however. 


I'm also stuck not being able to see the card with xflash now, however it worked after reboots two weeks ago just fine and I can see it with storcli. I'll worry about that later. I might be able to flash with uart or figure it out. I need the correct firmware first.


The UEFI flash never worked at all. The card and expander are not visible to cmdtoo2 or xflash. I installed windows 10. Probably should have done an older version.


Anybody know what version of linux the tools work on? I can't seem to get anything useful from Linus. xflash just puts out and endless print of junk devices on get avail.


Any help would be appreciated. The correct firmware with mfg would be great. I'll figure out how to get it flashing somehow. Also if you know hot to get the UEFI flash working that would be awesome.


Not sure if it's bios version related or not on the uefi. I know the last firmware introduced a bug on the power supplies that never clears an error and leaves a forever fault unless the supplies are unplugged one at a time.



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Hello, hawkwing,

Due to this product being discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it, but perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help. You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request:

Thank you for understanding. Best regards,


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Unfortunately I don't really need support I need a file download. I'm thinking it would be rare and hopeful for the community to have what I'm looking for.


Intel has apparently a very poorly maintained web site for older products. Why can't it just be an archive of what was once there? Perhaps this file was never provided. The only files left on Intel's website are either not the newest or incomplete.


If Intel is unwilling to provide these then my only hope is someone will extract them from their hardware and provide them.


I've attached what I can find for others. the 13.0.10 isn't even available on the website. However I don't think it's what I need. I need the one the has the correct drive order for the R2224gz chassis.

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