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RMM3 cdrom or ISO redirect takes too long to open Linux install screen



I am remote (far) from the servers with RMM3 mods in them. In order to shorten the distance between firefox and the RMM3 on the server we need to install a new OS, created a windows 7 VM on another server in the same data center and on the same subnet as the server we need to reinstall base OS. (Tried Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 with firefox and the minute I click on Redirect ISO or CDROM the java page crashes.) The java build on all windows VM's is the latest from and all the VM's had no less than 4GB memory.


The issue is this. When we redirect either the Linux ISO or mount the ISO to a virtual CDROM drive and redirect the CDROM, and subsequently reboot the physical server, it takes way more than 1.5 hours. In fact we could not wait so long to get it to the point where the Linux install screen actually loads. We will try again tonight after business hours to get the server to load the Linux install screen.


The ISO is ~ 755MB. Why would it take hours to load? Is there something we can do to speed this up?  I think it might be best to post an image of what we see and say how long it took to get to what that image will display so you have a clearer idea of what I am writing about.


Thanks for any help with this.


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Restarted the process to install almalinux8 on this physical server at 1:28AM

The file names are the times of the snapshots taken.

Currently 2:24AM and install screen has still not loaded.  Screen is basically black right now.



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