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RMM4 fails to ping after being configured.


Hello all,

I am new to these boards - I did have a search but didn't find anything specific for the issue I am seeing so apologies for the new thread.

I am coming across an issue with a server I have when I configure the onboard Intel RMM4.


I configure the RMM as dedicated (rather than a shared interface) with the correct IP address etc. Once configured, I can ping RMM fine. Logging into IE and connecting to the RMM, then navigating a few pages within the RMM the page becomes unresponsive and the ping is unreachable.

I have had this with two separate servers now.

The RMM4 can ping then I login to the RMM GUI and after a short while the ping becomes unreachable. (Have been running a ping -t in the background - ping is working fine, then all of a sudden it drops.)

I have confirmed network is not an issue, or config of IP addresses etc. Have attempted connecting laptop direct to management port / RMM4 interface and still unable to ping.

Does anyone have any ideas in this matter?

Thanks in advance


I have provided a more detailed set of steps carried out on the new server below:

Installed new server 

Configured RMM

ipmitool lan set 3 ipaddr

ipmitool lan set 3 netmask

ipmitool lan set 3 defgw ipaddr


(note customer network interface is configured as 

ping success

Load IE and connect to RMM GUI, logged in

After a short while session becomes unresponsive.

ping unreachable

reboot - still can't ping RMM

Hard power off server by pulling power cables, wait for server to come up - can ping RMM.

Run RMM GUI, with -t ping in background, after navigating a few screens ping becomes unreachable.

Check BIOS and RMM config (will try and attached photo). Correct configuration.

ipmtool lan print 3 shows correct config

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RMM4 config as shown is server BIOS

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One quick way to find out if it has anything to do with the network configuration - temporarily move the RMM4 and your IE client to the 10.2.212.x network (or some other unused subnet) and see if it does the same thing.

It sounds like some weird ARP cache timeout is going on, but I can't imagine what would be causing that.

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