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RS25SB008 RAID Controller "Needs Attention" - Firmware issue?



I have updated my RS25SB008 Raid card with the latest firmware package posted to the website and am running the recently released WS2012

driver. Despite my the fact that my drives are in optimal state, the raid controller continues to report it "Needs Attention". The only problem I can see is that the battery is reporting Temperature as "High", with the reported temperature at 26 C - which is probably accurate. I have done everything I can to resolve the issue (the battery is now physically outside of the server) and I have triggered a "learn" cycle. Is the high temperature alert for the BBU broken? How can the status on the controller be cleared?

I see that there is a CmdTool2 -AdpBbuCmd -SetBbuProperties -f -aN|-a0,1,2|-aALL command, but there does not seem to be any other documentation.

Any insight would be appreciated...

Thank you,

Doug Coleman

C:\Temp\IR3_2208SASHWR_FWPKG-v23.11.0-0021\CmdTool2\Windows>CmdTool2 -AdpBbuCmd -a0

BBU status for Adapter: 0


Voltage: 10162 mV

Current: 0 mA

Temperature: 26 C

Battery State: Optimal

BBU Firmware Status:

Charging Status : None

Voltage : OK

Temperature : High

Learn Cycle Requested : No

Learn Cycle Active : No

Learn Cycle Status : OK

Learn Cycle Timeout : No

I2c Errors Detected : No

Battery Pack Missing : No

Battery Replacement required : No

Remaining Capacity Low : No

Periodic Learn Required : No

Transparent Learn : No

No space to cache offload : No

Pack is about to fail & should be replaced : No

Cache Offload premium feature required : No

Module microcode update required : No

BBU GasGauge Status: 0x6469

Pack energy : 361 J

Capacitance : 100

Remaining reserve space : 96

Battery backup charge time : 0 hours

BBU Design Info for Adapter: 0

Date of Manufacture: 00/00, 0000

Design Capacity: 0 J

Design Voltage: 0 mV

Serial Number: 0

Manufacture Name:

Firmware Version :

Device Name:

Device Chemistry:

Battery FRU: N/A


Transparent Learn = 1

App Data = 0

BBU Properties for Adapter: 0

Auto Learn Period: 28 Days

Next Learn time: Thu Feb 28 12:31:55 2013

Learn Delay Interval:0 Hours

Auto-Learn Mode: Transparent

Exit Code: 0x00


From: RWC2 - Server Profile



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