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RS2BL040 (Not importable VD) RAID0

Ok, I am panicking big time.

I have a RS2BL040 with 6 x 1TB drives set up in 3 VD each set up in RAID0.

VD0 - System drive. Ok

VD1 - Data Drive - Problem!!

VD2 - Data Drive. Ok

So the choice was made to upgrade from the 1TB to 4TB for the VD1. Normally not a big issue, back up data, as an extra precaution, remove one of the RAID0 drives and go from there.

Well something went wrong. Horribly horribly wrong. The 4TB drives are not playing fair right now and neither is the one 1TB that we still had.

Scrapping everything, we decided to revert back to the removed drive... And now it won't import the configuration on the drive.

Can anyone help? I am not sure what information is needed.

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Can you clarify exactly how the 6 1TB HDDs are configured in your 3 RAID 0 VDs? How are you upgrading from the 1TB to 4TB for VD1? Is this a single HDD in a multiple HDD virtual disk? You know that a single HDD failure in a RAID 0 VD is catastrophic, correct?

Since you have a backup can you simply reconfigure with the new disks you're planning on and create a new VD and restore the data?

I'm concerned that the back and forth with the disks has resulted in metadata corruption leaving no configuration on the virtual disk to import.