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RS2BL080 RAID Controller Connection Best Practice

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We are trying to configure an RS2BL080.


Motherboard - S5520HC

Chassis - SC5600LX

Four drive expander backplane

Six drive expander backplane

RAID level - 50

My question is what is the best practice to connect the cables from the RAID controller to the expander backplanes? Do I connect one cable to JT6 Ports 0-3 on the controller then the four SAS connectors two to each expander backplane or should I use one separate cable for each individual expander backplane? Example: JT6 Port 0-3 on the controller then two SAS connectors to the six drive expander backplane and a second cable to JT7 ports 4-7 on the controller and two SAS connectors the the four drive expander backplane. I hope this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.

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It makes no difference. You have eight ports available on the RS2BL080. Four ports from each SFF-8087 connector. The expander backplanes each have two ports. Whether you connect each two expander ports to one SFF-8087 or two, you'll still be using four ports for both expander backplanes. One thing to consider, using a single cable would clean up the installation by not having four unused cables to contend with.