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RS2WC080 on DQ67SW

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Hello everyone,

I have an Intel DQ67SW motherboard and an RS2WC080 raid card. I have not used the raid card in over a year (it was properly stored back in it's original box/packaging. and was working fine with I last used it but I don't have the Supermicro board I had used this with any longer). I took it out of storage and tried to build an ESXi 5.5 server but the card is not seen in BIOS (I don't even get the prompt to hit CTRL + G) and it's the same in windows. I've put the card in the motherboards PCI-E x16 slot and I even put it into my PC with a Sabertooth Z77 mobo in a x8 slot (not sure if that's a good test at all).

Before I go out and get another HBA/raid card I want to know if there is any method to determine if the card is good or not.

Thank you for your help!

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Hello Nnyan,

I would like to inform you that Intel(R) RAID controllers are mean to be installed on Intel(R) server systems and some third party validated server boards. According to the information, you have an Intel(R) motherboard DQ67SW which is not listed as compatible with the Intel(R) RAID controller RS2WC080. Please check the Tested Hardware and Operating System List which can be found here: Intel® RAID Controllers — Tested Hardware and Operating System List

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Thank you for your reply. I was aware I was off the HCL, this was working fine on a supermicro not on the support list. I just wanted to see if anyone had used this combo.

I just found that there are many users with HP micro servers that have used this card with no issue so I'll try one of those next since I have one.


It is possible you may find boards that have not been validated that would support our RAID controller cards. In this case, Intel uses our validation list to avoid unforeseen issues.

I checked with our Desktop Support team and they have not recorded much feedback the use of this RAID controller with their boards.

It is always possible the system might not see the RAID controller due to lack of resources. You may still attempt to disable unused onboard resources such as serial ports, onboard RAID, sound controller to free up resources; otherwise, I would recommend validated components instead.