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Raid Web Console will not send email if port 25 is blocked even when using a different port


I have Raid Web Console on several deployed servers in different locations, and with our old email servers they were configured to send email via port 587 and this was working, but our email servers now have port 25 blocked and we cannot send email unless port 25 is open in addition to 587. I can use process monitor and watch the raid console connecting to port 25 and then 587, but I see no reason it should try to connect to port 25 at all. We currently had them change some firewall settings to open port 25 for us but we shouldn't need to do that and I don't think they will do this forever. I can use a regular email client using only port 587 and send email just fine, without ever using port 25. Seems like a bug. I updated the servers in question to Raid Web Console and they are having the same issue.

It would be nice to be able to use SSL/TLS for email with the Raid Web Console also, as many email providers will only accept SSL/TLS connections and most of us would prefer to use it even if not required.



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Thank you for your feedback; it is most certainly welcome. I am forwarding the information to our developers for consideration in a future release.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

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Yes I am having the same issue. Actually I can't send mail no matter what Port I use.

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