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Remote Management for SR1630HGP

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Hello everyone,

I'm a bit confused as to the Remote Management possibilities for this server.

From my understanding and attempts (I found no mention of this on the docs), if I want to access the BMC I have to give up a NIC dedicated to it.

In this case, even if I'm fine with text-only side-band access, I'd buy a RMM3 module to keep both on-board NICs available to the OS (I'll do trunking).

Now, the Specs page for SR1630HGP indicates support for "Optional Intel® Remote Management Module 3 Lite (Intel® RMM3 Lite)" [ ]. If I search the product online (as AXXRMM3LITE), I find essentially no result, even from the shops linked on the Intel page for it ("Product not found").

At the same time, I found other PDFs ("Spares/AccessoriesList &ConfigurationGuide") not mentioning support for RMM3 on this system.

So my question is: any way to use both on-board NICs WHILE maintaining (possibly on different IP) BMC text-only access? If I need to go for RMM3 to save both NICs, can I safely buy AXXRMM3 for my SR1630HGP system? If not, where do I find AXXRMM3LITE?



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Here is a good discription of the differences in the RMM3 and the RMM3 lite.

There are 4 versions of the GP board ( S3420GPRX, S3420GPLX, S3420GPLC,& S3420GPV)

The SR1630HGP uses the S3420GPLC

As to your Questions:

any way to use both on-board NICs WHILE maintaining (possibly on different IP) BMC text-only access?

YES, BMC can be configured for access using IPMI commands.

If you have listed the model correctly (SR1630HGP) it has a S3420GPLC board does not support the RMM options.

You may want to confirm and post the part number on the mother boards serial number label so one of the guys on this forum can confirm which board you have.


Note that RMM3 is for SR1630GPRX and SR1630HGPRX models only, which has a S3420GPRX board integraded. SR1630HGP has S3420GPLC board integrated, which has no RMM3 slot.

Now the good news is you don't have to dedicate NIC1 to BMC. Yes you can use both onboard NICs in OS, and BMC shares the physical LAN port of NIC1 for management at the same time.

For more details about server management, see

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Thanks for your answers.

I'm increasingly confused by this board matter

The serial number of the board is AZGP02600449.

Thanks for the remote management reference, I'll take it from there.



Ah, the information on spec page seems somehow misleading.

In the system order code, "H" means "Hot-swap HDD", and "RX" means "S3420GPRX board". The Product brief seems more accurate.

Based on your description you have a SR1630HGP.