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Replacing a failed drive in RAID array



We have a Intel RAID controller card, model number SRCSASLS4I. Anyone ever dealt with replacing and rebuilding a RAID array on this card (or a similar one)? We inherited this particular server and need to replace a failed drive. I've read through the documentation for this card and as I understand it, they want you to:

In the RAID Web Console

  1. Right click the failed drive and click Rebuild
  2. If (and when) that fails, right click the failed drive and click Prepare for Removal

At that point, we would shut down the server, swap the drive with a new one (same exact model), go into the RAID Web Console, right click the new drive, and click rebuild.

Just wanted to see if others have done this before and if this sounds correct.

In case we are dealing with TWO - 2 drive arrays in RAID 1 config. Just one drive in the first array is in failed state. There is not a hot spare configured. I cannot determine for sure that hot-swap is an option, so I am shutting it down to be safe.


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It is not necessary to attempt the rebuild process before changing the drive. Depending on your chassis configuration, you may add the hot spare drive before removing the failed drive. It appears that the system has a hot swappable backplane (according to the screenshot you posted).

If you cannot add more drives to the system then you can do the following:

  • Mark the failed drive Offline
  • Turn off the system if unable to confirm whether there is a backplane or not.
  • Replace the drive.
  • Boot to your Operating System and log in to Intel® RAID Web Console 2.
  • Right click the replacement drive and mark it as a hot spare or you can simply select the option to rebuild. This would rebuild to the array that is shown as degraded.

Feel free to contact our Intel Customer Support team for further assistance on the rebuild process of your array.


Is there anyway to confirm that hot swap is enabled?


On the picture you posted earlier, it shows that there is a backplane installed. You should be okay to hot swap the drive. You can always click on the Backplane and it will see the Vendor ID, and the Enclosure ID.