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Running out of 3.3 volts

Tried a memtest in my new box and it freezes instantly.

How much amps do I need on 3.3 volts for 512 GB of RAM, 8 M.2 SSD with 1 TB and a Serverboard with two CPUs and 16 RAM-Slots?

The strongest TFX I've found offer 22 amps on 3.3 volts, but that is 72 watts and from what I've read 8 GB RAM take 3 watts. So the required power consumption on 3.3 V is 512/8*3=192 watts for RAM and 8*5=40 watts for M.2 SSD. Thats 230 watts for RAM and SSD??
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Hello matthias_r, 


Thank you for joining the community. I understand that you are looking for power supply recommendations on your server board, let's get this resolved as soon as possible.

  • To understand the system that you have and provide the best recommendations, please provide a detailed description of the make and model of your server system / Enviroment, is it an Intel® Data Center Block?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you performed so far, in regards to the MemTest freezing issues?

 I will be waiting for your response, in case we do not hear from you, we are going to follow-up on this case on 09/14th if you have any response prior to this email feel free to contact us back.   





Paul R. 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

For firmware updates and troubleshooting tips, visit: 


No, it's not a Intel System (are there any 19 " half depth Intel boxes which do not sound like a starting jetengine and can be placed in a livingspace?) and it is not running at its limits...

* Supermicro X9DRi-F (?? watts at ?? volts)

* 2 x Xenon E5-2650L v2 (140 watts at 12 volts)

* 2 x SSD (Kingston A400 240 GB, Patriot Burst 240 GB) (10 watts at 5 volts)

* 2 x 1 TB M.2 SSD (10 watts at 3.3 volts)

* 4 x Logilink PC0086 (2 x SATA to 2 x M.2 SATA) (4 watts at 3.3 volts)

* 8 x 16 GB Samsung RAM (48 watts at 3.3 volts)

* 1 x Phoenix Power Supply FA TFX 500 watts


I ordered a new power supply.


Am I the only one who have a 19 " wallmonted rack in the house and need some sort of server in it? That is what I actually felt after installing a lindy and cisco small business switch...


Hello matthias_r, 


 Thank you for all the information provided, I regret to inform you that the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2650L v2 on your SuperMicro system and the associated spare parts and accessories have been discontinued. This info is also to inform you that support for the said products has been switched to self-service support. 

The available self-service support options include: 


  • Technical support content available online. 
  • Warranty service through the Warranty Center
  • Support and services for members of the Intel Channel Program through the Intel® Reseller Center.

 You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request. : 


Product website where it shows the "Discontinued" status:


Intel Customer Service Agents no longer respond to telephone,chat, community support forum, or email inquiries for self-service products. Before we proceed to mark this thread as closed, we recommend you to contact Supermicro  to verify the power supply recommendations and as well what chassis may work with your board.

Thank you for choosing Intel.  

Regards ,


Paul R.  

Intel Customer Support Technician  

For firmware updates and troubleshooting tips, visit:  


Switched the power supply with no success...

Then I've read that there are bugs in MemTest86 and installed an OS which is running without any issues!