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S1200BTL and P4304XXSHDN Chassis


This is the setup:


Bios Version: S1200BT.86B.02.00.0041

BMC Firmware Version: 1.16.4347

SDR Version: SDR Package 1.16

ME Firmware Version:

Chassis: P4304XXSHDN

PSU: DPS-460KB A Rev: 01F

IPMI Reports the following regarding the PSUs.

PS1 Status | 0x0 | discrete | 0x0000| na | na | na | na | na | na

PS1 Power In | na | Watts | na | na | na | na | 448.000 | 508.000 | na

PS1 Temperature | na | degrees C | na | na | na | na | 60.000 | 65.000 | na

There are no entries for PS2.

When attempting to update the SDR/FRU, the choices given to me are

2013-05-16-14:11:28 1 Intel(R) Entry Server Chassis P4304XXSFCN

2013-05-16-14:11:28 2 Intel(R) Entry Server Chassis P4304XXSHCN

2013-05-16-14:11:29 3 Intel(R) Entry Server Chassis R1304BTLSFAN

2013-05-16-14:11:29 4 Intel(R) Entry Server Chassis R1304BTLSHBN

2013-05-16-14:11:29 5 Other Chassis

Choosing entry number 2 makes the system think there is a FAN4 connected when there isn't. Entry 1 doesn't fix the problem, and then I chose "Other Chassis". Then the following:

Select the fan speed for the chassis

1 Slow Ramp

2 Medium Ramp

3 Fast Ramp

4 Full Speed Fans


Probing system for sensors and FRU device hardware...

Is Processor Fan installed?y

Is System Fan 1 installed?y

Is System Fan 2 installed?y

Is System Fan 3 installed?y

Is System Fan 4 installed?n

Does the system have chassis intrusion?y

Does the front panel support a NMI button?y

Update for SDR through CFG Started

Updating SDR ......

I still get the issue with only PS1 "sensors" showing up.

This makes me believe that it is possible that the PSUs are simply dumb PSUs and no actual sensors. Even though looking up the PSU model number leads me to the Delta (PSU manufacturer) site and on their table it shows the PSU as having PMBus.

This is the product that is purchased

Can I edit the MASTER.CFG prior to updating the FRU/SDR to omit the PSUs? or is the Chassis not compatible with S1200BTL

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This chassis does not support S1200BTL. See the chassis Spares, parts list and configuration guide for details.

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This chassis does not support S1200BTL. See the chassis Spares, parts list and configuration guide for details.

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