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S1200BTL does not start up‎



Appreciate your help with the following issue:


Motherboard S1200BTL

CPU - Xeon E3 1200 3.1GHZ

GSkill Ram - 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Model F3-10666CL9Q-32GBXL

Hard Drives - Western Digital WD2002FAEX

I have built many desktop machines but this is my first server based system so I may be lacking some necessary knowledge with this configuration.

During first start-up, the bios will not show up on the screen. As a matter of fact the monitor signals not receiving any signals.

The system starts and then re-starts after few minutes again.

The AUX power cable is not connected.

Actually, this third power cable for a mobo is a bit of a mistery for me. Moreover, no information can be found regarding this third power cable.

I assume it may be the issue.

I have found little helpful info online as of yet on the LED codes. When running the leds are 0010 0010 for LED's c thru j the Status LED flashed amber 5 times after the system shuts down and 2 times when it restarts

I'm putting this in an Aluminum Desktop case with lots of fans for ventilation. All of my fans run directly from the powersupply and I did notice that a flashing amber status LED refers to not enough fans plugged into the MB. I did for a test plug in several fans to the MB see if the system would boot. I received the same result and have the same problem


Any help is greatly appreciated


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I'm having a similar problem and found a thread (/thread/29904 with some interesting information:

> See the notes in the Tested processor list. As for the

> Server Configurator, you may notice there are two

> versions of S1200BTL - S1200BTL and S1200BTLR.

> The "R" means refresh, indicates support for V2

> processors.


Hope this helps!


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Is the E3 a v1 or v2 ?.

The v2 is not supported on an S1200BTL out of the box. The board needs updating to the latest firmware for v2 compatibility and to do that you will need a processor on the S1200BTL cpu compatibility list (E3 v1 / i3 / Gxxx).

Not sure on your diagnostic code as the diagnostic LED code I received with an unsupported processor was 01011001 (warning was amber).

The P/S AUX power cable is not required. I have an S1200BTL with an E3-1230 v1 running using a Seasonic 620W PSU which does not have the right connector for the P/S AUX power board connection. Just for reference, the S1200BTL quick start user guide is here.

The tech product specification for the S1200BTL is here (pdf). The tech product specification for the S1200BTLR is here.


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