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S1200BTLR LED Code 01011001 (hex 59)


I have a new S1200BTLR board (PBA E98681-352) with a E3-1230V2 Xeon processor installed and 16GB of Kingston memory (Kingston part number KVR16E11/8I, this memory is on the Intel supported memory list for this board) . Very shortly after powering on the machine (perhaps 3 seconds) it halts with the LED code of 01011001 (hex 59), no video output is ever produced and there are no BIOS beep codes emitted. This LED code is not documented in either the S1200BT Technical Product Specification (G13326-005, Revision 2.1, June 2012) nor the S1200BT Service Guide (G16972-005, July 2012) nor in any of the Monthly Specification Update documents (the most recent I've been able to locate is G31821-008, October 2012). What does this LED code mean and how is it resolved?

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If you remove the DIMMs and power on the system, does it give you 3 beeps? Have you tried the CPU on a known working system?


Thanks, Edward, for your reply.



I have not tried the processor chip on another S1200BTLR board, but I should be able to do that by tomorrow (if the new board arrives today or tomorrow).

So, what does that LED code of hex 59 actually mean? I found some other "folk lore", so to speak, in other places on the web that suggests this means the processor isn't supported by the board. It would seem that if that's what the LED code means, then either the processor or the board is defective. Do you agree?


A few tidbits:

Installing the E3-1230V2 processor in another S1200BTLR board (PBA E98681-352) which was known to be working correctly with a E3-1230 (not a V2 processor) yielded the same bad results (the LED code of 0x59).

Installing the E3-1230 processor (removed from the known working S1200BTLR board) in the "suspect" S1200BTLR board (no other changes made -- using the same Kingston memory) yielded success.

Installing a new E3-1230V2 processor in the suspect S1200BTLR board yielded success.

I received a new E3-1230V2 processor via an Intel RMA for the faulty processor and installed it in the "known to be working" S1200BTLR board -- eureka! it works too.

So, it appears that the diagnostic LED code of 0x59 might indicate an "unsupported" processor or it might indicate the processor is defective in some way.

It would be truly helpful if Intel would document all of the diagnostic LED codes.