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S2600CP keeps rebooting before post


I have a S2600CP with 2 e5-2670. when I received the motherboard, I booted it to check CPU and RAM and worked fine.

Now, 2 weeks later as I'm assembling the server, the motherboard powers on for a second, then powers off(all fans spin for a second), if left untouched it will sporadically try too boot for a second and shut off(in a loop).

I tried to remove CPUs and RAM and it beeps as expected complaining for the CPU.

I removed the motherboard from the chassis.

With a single CPU it behaves the same way, same with just one or two sticks of RAM.

I tried a different power supply with the same result.

I changed the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS.

If I power up with the BIOS jumper set to "reset to defaut" and then boot, it beeps with 1-5-4-2 that is DC power loss.

All the PSU I have tested are 850W.

Any idea?

thank you for your time


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I have encountered a similar boot issue. There are no error messages, no beeps. Status led is green.

I've already replaced PSU, CPU and memory with no luck.

Could you tell me, did you managed to solve the problem?

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I have the same issue. Assuming its a bad board. Going to RMA