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S2600CP2 and LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i


Dear Community, dear Experts, dear Colleagues,

i'm building a Server for testing-purposes and im struggeling with my Raid-Controller.

As the Topic says its a S2600CP2 board and a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i Raid-Controller.

The BIOS doesn't mention the RaidController at any place and if I power up the System it doesnt show the RaidController menu at all.

Its does it selfcheck and shows all the CPU, RAM, etc. and then it starts discovering for LANPXE Servers.

Its like there is no RaidController installed...

Im afraid that this board only supports Intel RaidCards or the RaidKey for Raidabillity.

This would be ridiculous because I should be able to use what ever Controllers I prefer and PCE is a multi-purpose Slot for expansions of any kind.

Please open my mind on this.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Michael,

Well, its looking quite bleak to be honest. As you mentioned, intels server configurator doesn't list that controller (or any other except for Intel ones!) and in LSI's compatibility list for the controller ( the S2600CP2 isn't listed. The closest to your board is the S2600GZ or S2600GL, but they are of course different.

Don't take it as definitive advice but, in my opinion, try to get a refund or exchange asap for the controller.

I hope this is of help.



this Server is turning out to be a big pain in the neck.

I send back the LSI controller and bought a supported on from Intel:

the INTEL RS2WC040 Raid Controller. according to the ARK (what ever that means) of my board it should be compatable. but its seems not to. after Board Overview it directly goes to the DVD or LAN boot order.

No Bios of Raidcontroller avaiable.

I think this new Hardware with Sockel2011 is just to young and has to much bugs.

But I assume that when intel states this controller is compatable to this board then they have tested it.

That gives me hope in this case. Unfortnatly for the time I have spend compared to the money I saved to self-assembly its a zero-win outcome ....

Maybe I have to switch any jumper on the board or maybe I have to set anything wierd in the Bios to be able to see the Bios of the RaidController.



Try booting the system and start pressing F2 intermittently to access the BIOS. Under the "Main" section, set "Quiet Boot" to disabled.

Do you now see the RAID BIOS prompt?


you have to put the Raid-Controller in the first PCIe Slot (the long one with 16x) the others will not work....

next problem d**n chenbro backplane seems not to be compatible with the Raidcontroller.

Ill give a **** on hot swap and I'll connect those drive without backplane.

man what a journey.

I'll give you a final Update when EXSi is running