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S2600CP4 - SLES update kernel process


Hello Support;

I have a S2600CP4. BIOS 'AHCI Capable SATA Controller' is set to [RAID mode] with the 'AHCI Capable RAID Options' set to [INTEL (R) ERST2 (LSI*) and SAS/SATA Capable Controller: [INTEL (R) ESRT2 (LSI+)]. The 2 x 2TB SATA hard drives are configured into a RAID1 mirror on the AHCI Controller. SLES 11 SP3 x86_64 with the latest 'lsi-megasr-kmp-16.01.2014.0318-1_3.0.76-0.11.x86_64', which installed and boots properly with a GNOME GUI.

Now I would like to update from the SUSE channel with the latest updates. I can install the latest updates except the latest kernel to 3.0.101-0.31.x86_64. If I update the kernel, the system will not find the partitions and boot. The driver that Intel provides is only for the install DVD kernel version. Intel did not make the driver update-able or generic enough to use with the latest kernel.

I followed the directions to install the SWR5 Driver Update (RPM) Package with instruction from the readme file megasr_rpm_readme.txt. So In installed the DKMS package from Dell (dkms- then installed the megasr driver (megasr-16.01.2014.0318-1.noarch.rpm) and rebooted the server. Still the the system will not find the partitions and boot.

Please help with this.

I would like to keep the SLES 11 kernel up-to-date some how and have not found a proper way to do this.

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And you are doing these two steps from the megasr_DUD_readme.txt?

upgrade the rpm with --force option.

rpm -Uvh lsi-megasr-kmp-15.00.0329.2012-1_3.0.13-0.27.x86_64.rpm --force

Create new initrd image using the mkinitrd command and update the grub.conf.

(Take a backup of original initrd image to avoid OS corruption in case of failures)

I'll check around and see if there is a driver intended to work with kernels newer than 3.0.76-0.11.1

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From, SLES 11 3.0.101-x is a kernel update for SP 2 and 3. So I'm guessing 101 might be the launching kernel for SP4/SLES12, whenever that comes.

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