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S2600CP4 and SLES 11 SP2 - 'Volume group "system" not found'


I have a S2600CP4 with an Intel RAID C600 Upgrade Key RKSATA8R5. The 2 500GB SATA hard drives are configured into a RAID1 mirror. BIOS 'AHCI Capable SATA Controller' is set to [RAID mode] with the 'AHCI Capable RAID Options' set to [INTEL (R) ERST2 (LSI*). SLES 11 SP2 x86_64 with the latest 'lsi-megasr-kmp-15.00.0927.2012-1', which installed and boots properly with a GNOME GUI. I have only 2 partitions, part1 is the SLES boot and part2 is a LVM with the root (10GB and the swap(2GB) volumes.

The install went well, Adding Virtuialization with KVM went well, rebooting several times went well.

Now I've updated SLES 11 SP2 with the latest online updates. And now the system cannot find the LVM at all. I get the GRUB boot menu and it auto load the SLES 11 SP2 with the latest kernel.

The server states:


Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while...

No volume groups found

Partial mode. Incomplete logical volumes will be processed.

Volume group "system" not found.


The server knows the LVM is called 'system' but will not go beyond this. It seems the lsi-megasr (ERST2) driver is not loaded.

So, If I load the SLES 11 SP2 DVD with the lsi-megasr drivers loaded from a USB stick and choose 'Rescue system', the rescue system can see the drive (as in /dev/sdb1 (boot part) and /dev/sdb2 (lvm) and sees the LVM stuff (via pvscan, vgscan, vgdisplay and lvdisplay) with its volumes. This tells me the lsi-megasr (ERST2) driver are not loaded during regular boot.

In the rescue system, I did a

vgchange -ay system

- which stated the the LVM group 'system' is now active

vgcfgrestore sales

- which stated 'Restored volume group 'system'

How can the system be told to load the drivers during boot?

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Well after a lot of work I got the server running again with the old SLES 11 SP2 kernel which cam on the install DVD. Still no joy when update the latest kernel. It seems the megasr module will not be compiled/maked into the initrd file.

Running mkinitrd after updating to the latest kernel, but before rebooting, I receive these two messages.


modprobe: Module megasr not found.

WARNING! no dependencies for kernel module 'megasr' found.


Seems as though the latest SLES 11 SP2 kernel 3.0.51-0.7.9-default does not like the 'lsi-megasr-kmp-15.00.0927.2012-1'

Please advise on how to have the newest kernel accept the Intel latest megasr driver.


It seems that the latest 'lsi-megasr-kmp-15.00.0927.2012-1' and prev ''lsi-megasr-kmp-15.00.0725.2012-1' only work with the SLES 11 SP2 install kernel 'kernel-default-3.0.13' and not any other kernel. I'm trying to keep the SLES box up to date but cannot since the lsi-megasr driver will not work with any later kernel. The latest SLES 11 SP2 kernel is 'kernel-default-3.0.51'

Could the developers update the lsi-megasr drivers to work with other SLES 11 SP2 kernels.

Now would be an appropriate time to do this.