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S2600GZ MB based system attempts to boot, fans attempt to power up and system drops back to reboot and continues on and on. SYSPWDGD LED turns to green, then flashes off, a "clicking" noise ensues. System firmware is on the current release, power supplies


also note the ILOM will not allow the server to power up nor does the front panel.

Below is a snapshot of he error logs.

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It appears it points to the power supply trouble. This is a large board. At boot time, the power-up current is at the highest. Fans all run at the highest speeds,etc. Try to get a known good power supply and disconnect most loads if you can and try to boot up again. The clicking noise can come from the switching power supply.

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Power supply is shutting down due to over current.

Usually a short circuit someplace.

Best bet is go to a minimum configuration (1 CPU & 1 DIMM, no HDD or add in cards and see if it works.

If so, start adding stuff back in until the issue returns.

Note a bend pin in the a CPU socket can cause this as well.

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If there is any short in the power supply, would the fuse just short it self?

I'd think the power supply is failing. Power supply does decline over time. I've had several PSs, which can still boot up the fans, but can't fully power up the PCs. No short circuit anywhere, but just no juice. This is a common problem.



I think we have the following possible causes:

- mainboard

- power supply

- UPS, if present

- front panel

So first step is to look for any device which are connected to the mainboard, please disconnet them so that you only have mainboard, CPU, RAM and power supply.

If the issue persist, please disconnect all UPS.

If the error still exist you have to look for a test intel power supply, mainboard and front panel.