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S2600GZ capsule file failed in the security compliance check...


I have seen several people with this same issue.  I have followed all the other thread's advice to the degree I can, nothing seems to help.

I have two identical S2600GZ servers, one was upgraded to 2.07 a while back with no issues.

The second one however keeps giving me the above mentioned error.  It has 2.01 on it.

I have tried all available bios updates.  All give the same message.  I have cleared the bios.  No change.

I have attempted a bios recovery, but it keeps telling me it can't find the image recovery file.  According to the notes, there are a few files that should be on the root directory of the USB stick, but those files are not found in the bios upgrade packages and I can't find anywhere on  Specifically the RML.ROM file.

Someone suggested incrementally upgrading the bios from 2.01, but I cannot find any of the older bios files for this board on

Need further help as I'm stuck at this point.

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Dear Starion,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We regret to inform you that the product you are referring to has been discontinued, and as a result, Intel Customer Service can no longer provide support for it. However, we encourage you to seek assistance from the community members who might possess the knowledge to assist you. Additionally, you may find the Discontinued Products website ( helpful in addressing your request. We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards,


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658 Views kidding.  Isn't that what I did?


We are in:



If I'm not mistaken...that's where this was posted...


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