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S2600STBR Server Board PCIe Slot Support


How many PCIe slots are dedicated to CPU1 and CPU2 with the S2600STBR server board now? Previous ST server board models (and I believe this one previously) had 3 PCIe slots per CPU and may now have 2 slots dedicated to CPU1 and 4 slots to CPU2? If a single CPU config is used, will it boot to CPU2 to access 4 PCIe slots or is a single CPU required to be in CPU1 which is now limited to 2 PCIe slots??? Is this forcing you to populate the board with 2 CPU's to have access to 3+ PCIe slots?

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Hello DLaLo,

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On S2600STBR, 2 PCIe slots are routed to CPU1 and 4 PCIe slots are routed to CPU2. In a single CPU configuration, the CPU must be installed in CPU1 because only CPU1 is connected to the chipset(PCH).

For the previous generation S2600CW, 2 PCIe slots are routed to CPU1, 3 PCIe slots are routed to CPU2 and 1 PCIe slots routed from the PCH. Therefore with a single processor config on S2600CW can use up to 3 PCIe slots (2 from CPU1 and 1 from PCH). We hope you find that useful.


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