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S2600WT Nvme SSD setup (m.2 via PCIe Riser card and other possibilities)


Hello everyone,

I just got a S2600WT (WTTR) based server and am missing only storage to set it up and running.

I am searching for the best speed option for storage so I was looking into how to setup m.2 Nvme SSD (no raid needed). No m.2 ports on board, I have 2 PCIe riser cards with 5 PCIe slots total (mostly 8x slots).

So I have a few questions:

- can I plug the PCIe to NVME m.2 adapter to a PCIe Riser and put my m.2 nvme drive into pcie adapter m.2 slot? Will it work, bootable or not?

- is there any other way to have a nvme m.2 ssd connected - i found it's possible via a2u44x25nvmedk but I'm looking for a simpler way to connect only 1 drive, later possible 1 more but that one can be regular 2.5 SATA or SAS SSD

- USB 3.2 is on the board, maybe nvme enclosure with 3.2 or 3.1 usb interface it is in thory going up to 1000 MBps (more like 800 in reality), would that option be bootable?

- if m.2 Nvme is not an option or is too complicated to setup - what would be the other fast option, maybe to consider SAS u.2 nvme and hot to connect?

Thank you in advance and much appreciated.

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Dear TsutomuShimo7,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent purchase of the S2600WT (WTTR) based server. We appreciate your interest in finding the best storage option to set up and run your server efficiently.

Regarding your enquiries, we regret to inform you that the S2600WT (WTTR) server has been discontinued. As a result, Intel Customer Service no longer provides support for this product. However, we encourage you to engage with our community members, who might possess the knowledge and experience to assist you. They can offer valuable insights and guidance on your storage setup.

In addition, we recommend visiting our Discontinued Products website, as it could be a valuable resource to address your specific request. It provides comprehensive information and resources related to discontinued Intel products:

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you have any further questions or need assistance with any other Intel products, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're here to help.

Best regards,


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