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S3420GP boards and 3rd part chassis

I have a chassi I want to use for my server.

It is a non-intel chassi not recognized by FRUSDR-update

I read somewhere that if the motherboard does not reconize the chassi it will run with fans on 100% speed all the time.

Can I write my own master.cfg or change IPMI-data some other way to correct this?

Can I connect a thermal sensor to the motherboard connector, and what is the specifcation for such a sensor?

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Re: S3420GP boards and 3rd part chassis

There is a document that walks you through modifying the fan control, but it is Intel Confidential. You have to sign an NDA to get access to it.

If you are a channel member, and have already signed one, contact your field representative; otherwise, visit to sign up

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