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S3420GPLC bios update failed r0054

Hello. Updated the s3420gplc board to R0054 which also run the ME update and ended up with a brick.
Led diagnostics are flashing at 1HZ as follows from 0 to 7. Bit 2,4,5 light up and when they go off bit 6 lights up and they flash like this at 1Hz. I prepared an usb with the rec capsule, fwmain.fv and startup.nsh modified to load the rec capsule. Bios rec jumper on 2-3. Nothing, just the flashes described above. If i let the system in normal mode it goes up to lighting led's 3,4,5 and 7 and results in a loop with a slight click noise from the speaker. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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Ok. Solved the issue. The lower bit2 and the upper bits 4 and 5 while in bios recovery mode mean that the sys it's looking for rec capsule file. This was the answer :). Turned out that the usb stik was corrupted in some way. Took another one, used diskpart to clean it, format a new fat32 partition, put rec files on it and succesfully recovered the bios. However bios 54 for this board from the intel site has a problem. I recovered with bios 52. I found the bios 52, bmc 126 and fru/sdr 22 on another site. After recovery i reprogrammed bmc fru/sdr bios and me from the above mentioned package. The system it's smooth now. Thank you.