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S3420GPLX with 32GB RAM configured



We have 2 servers with S3420GPLX motherboards (3 of 2 banks). I can't find this motherboard model in your memory configuration tool.

According to this document we should be able to upgrade our 2 servers with up to 32GB RAM each.

Sadly for us, Intel documentations is quite poor/old so there is no 8GB memory stick listed in their tested hardware document

So even when 32GB should be supported, there is no Intel documentation that tells with which modules you can reach that 32GB (3 x 2 banks).

I see other posts asking this question but no memory module is finally recommended. Most close to an answer, is a link to kingstone configurator for discontinued memories. Any help in what memory to buy?

Thank you very much


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Please refer to page 23 of http:// Technical Product Specification for Intel® Server Board S3420GP Family.



Best regards,


Caesar B.

Hello pup_seba,

Checking on previous Intel® Communities I found the memory that other users have used on this server in order to get the maximum of 32 GB of RAM to work. Please refer to /thread/21622 S3420GP and RAM

According to Technical Product Specification(TPS), the Memory specifications for achieving the maximum Memory of 32GB on this board should be listed as follows:

However, on the Quad Rank RDIMMs section, there is a correction to be made under 2Gb DRAM Technology column which is 32GB (8x 8GB RDIMMs).

Other customers have tested 4 x 8GB modules of Kingston PC3-8500 1066MHZ and they worked successfully. You could refer to/thread/21622 S3420GP and RAM

This is the memory they tested: and reported to be working fine.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Caesar B.