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S5000PAL - Need help trying to configure


Hi there,

I am trying to get the board going and havong a few teething probs that are really annoying me.

Aim: To raid (1) 2x 1TB SATA drives

Such a simple task just not with this board!!!

Got the board delivered today,set it up, add drives\cpu\ram etc etc, pop the cd in (Deployment Toolkit 2.0 cd supplied with board), it boots from the cd and tries to start the application. Half way throuhg loading it throws up the error: "Unable to access boot device" Press OK to Restart system.

So restart we do and round and round the circle goes.

Drives are fine, they are both picked up by system, i can install Windows on 1 of them no probs so all thats fine but i cannot get this CD and application package to work so i can configure the raid, update the BIOS etc before i load on my destined OS (Server 2008 Standard x64)

I have tried to run the OFU from an installed windows to update BIOS etc but that errors aswell (cannot find flashupdt.cfg)

But i need updates/RAID configured etc before i load my OS on.

Can somebody please assist before me and my new s5000 fall out big time.

Thanks in advance

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