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S5000PAL won't boot, no VGA, POST leds: RAAO


We have a S52500 chassis with a S5000PAL board in it. The machine was booted a few days ago, we reviewed the SCSI settings and booted into the OS, then powered it down. When we turn it on now, the fans come on and the front panel lights come on, but it won't boot. The VGA display never comes on. It ends up with the system status light amber, and the POST leds in the following pattern


which we translated to E6h. We looked up the POST led code and it's a Driver Execution Environment (DXE) Core message: Started connecting drivers.

We're not sure where to start looking. We've re-seated all the RAM and the expansion cards, but we get the same result. Any ideas?

The machine has:

SR2500 chassis, S5000PAL board w/ SATA/SAS backplane

2 xeon quad cores L5320, 1.86ghz

8 x 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 ECC RAM

Intel SRCSASJV raid controller

6 x Maxtor Atlas V 10K 300GB SAS drive

DVD/RW drive

AXXGBIOMOD IO expansion module

6th drive expansion kit

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