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S5000PSL fan speed


Recently just got this server up and running and i bought 2 stock intel LGA 771 heat sinks w/fan for it and for some reason they always run at 100%, it literally sounds like im running a shop-vac in my room.

The board doesn't seem to offer any way to set fan speed through the bios like desktop motherboards so i was wondering how i would be able to have them controlled based off cpu temp, or at least manually control them?

I have tried modifying the SL_48.SDR file so that normal fan speed for all chassis is at 50% and this didn't seem to do anything. Oh also im not using a chassis , its just the bare board for now.

any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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In this case, I would check the logs of the system to see what is being recorded that would trigger the fans to run at full speed.

I would suggest running the latest firmware package (see update requirements first), and select "Other Chassis" and answer with a "No" when it asks for the system fans and answer yes for the processor fan.

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Some setup is clearly off. Most of the Intel server boards have hardware control capability. All the fan speed and temp control is done by a chip, like BMC.

At cold bootup, the fans will be running at max speeds. Then the BMC controller takes over and the fan speeds would drop. Clearly the BMC controller is not working properly. The BMC BIOS may be corrupted.

On the server, there may be a jumper to recover BMC BIOS. I'd try to flash all the BIOS first, before try to recover the BIOS. The complete BIOS update can have 3-5 components.

Read the manual more...

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