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S5000PSL high CPU temps


I put two Xeon 5460s on an S5000PSL and per CoreTemp when CPU utilization hits 100% on four cores (running a McAfee scan), temperatures reach 90+. CoreTemp says the limit for this CPU is 100C. I'm using heavy Intel copper heatsink/fan combos so I'm wondering if these high temps are OK or an indication of a problem. When the CPUs are lightly loaded the temps are in the 40s.

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Cooler is always better.

Runing in the 40's at idle or light load is very good,

90+ is getting on the hot side but as long as you stay below critical it should be OK.

Do you have heatsink fans and chassis cooling configured for your chassis and elevation?

In the code update package the FRUSDR flash sets the fans speeds and therimal reagon information for the system.

Another tip is to make sure all the covers are on.

Some chassis do not cool well if the top is removed.

Bottom line, if it is getting hot, the CPU will throttle to prevent damage to itself.

You just lose on performance if the cooling is not good enough.

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