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S5000SPL and Xeon E5405

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Building a new server with an S5400 chassis, S5000PSL motherboad and E5404 SLPA2 CPUs.

Server will not post. Get solid amber light. I can not figure this out. Built several identical server based on the same hardware. All others work. This one will not post. Even purchased NEW CPU and still not luck. Memory has been tested using MEM86+. The E5405 is on the support CPU list.

What am I doing wrong?


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Check Support for Intel® Xeon® Processors 5400 and 5200 and see if your board PBA and BIOS version supports the processor. Also check the pattern of the POST LED. Did you try to boot the system with minimal configuration? (one CPU, one DIMM, no HDD or add-in cards)

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Thanks everyone. I now believe that the E5405 processor are not supported on this board due to the revision level. The MM number is 886036 and the PBA number is D44749-804. I see that I need a PBA number of E11025-xxx. So this MUST be my whole problem.

When I turn plug in the power cord (Yes I have only one cpu installed, one stick of ram, no HDs, two fans)

I get the ID LED turns blue then goes off.

The System Status LED goes green and the amber piece of this LED flashes 4 times and go off. The System Status LED stays green.

I press the power button, and the cooling fans for the HDs power up.

None of the other Post LEDs light up.

After 45 seconds, the System Status LED turn AMBER and two of the Fan Power LEDs light up amber, one at the top of the last row of memory lights up and the fan power LED in the upper right-hand corner of the board also lights up amber.

I am using a passive CPU with a copper heat sink.

I bet that if I put in a E5320, I would be fine.


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I would not take the bet, because you would win!

a 51xx or 53xx processor would work fine in a D44749-804

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Not a lot of information here to go on so I will start with a boat load of questions, not in any particular order. (attaching photos encouraged )

What is the part number on the mother board barcode label with the serial number?

Early S5000psl boards ending in (-7xx, -8xx) did not support Harpertown (54xx) processors.


Any lit LED on the board, primarily the rear POST LED?

If so which POST LEDs are lit and do they move?

Does the chassis fans spin up?

Does the CPU fan spin up?

Does the front / rear status LED flash yellow when AC is applied and then goes to green? or solid yellow?

All all Power supply connector attached to the mother board? (SSI, aux power and the 2x4 CPU power?)

If you remove all memory and then power up, does the board Beep at you?

Do you get any beep codes when you just try to power it up?