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S5000VCL will not work with second Xeon E5450 Processor


I have three S5000VCL boards and recently added a second E5450 to all three. Two of the three worked without a hitch but I cannot get the third board to boot up with the second processor installed. It is working fine with one E5450 and I even removed the main processor and swapped it out for the E5450 I was trying to use as the second CPU to make sure the CPU was good and it boots fine with either processor in the first CPU slot.

As soon as I add the second CPU the system will power up but it won't post. There are no beeps and everything seems to be running normal but there is no video output or indication that the hard drive is being accessed. I tried resetting the CMOS in conjunction with pulling the BIOS battery and pulling the plug. All of the pins look good in the second CPU slot as well.

Is there anything else I can try before declaring that there is just something wrong with the motherboard's second CPU slot?

Thanks in advance

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If you're already running BIOS v101 Download Center , then there really isn't anything else to check.

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