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S5000VSA to S5000PSL


Dear Tech,

I have a server with S5000VSA with some reason the motherboard is not working anymore, can i transfer the CPU and RAM belong to S5000VSA to new S5000PSL motherboard ? Any conflict ? I hope an advice for better motherboard other then S5000PSL.

Please help and Thank you.

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Well, First off this is a user community where users help users.

A few Intel folks hang out here as well, but if you want the Tech support folks, you need to go to the tech support link.

Having said that, yes, memory and CPUs are the same between VSA and PSL assuming you are both either "R" (Refreashed) or that the VSA is not a "R" board.

The "R" boards support Harpertown\Clovertown and Wolfdale\woodcrest processors, the non-R only support clovertown\woodcreast.

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