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S5000xvn/xsl 3 beeps


My workstation was disassembled, transported and assembled again.

After powering up the system it beeps 3 times.

Leds while beeping: R - Off - G - G (there is no such sequence in the MB manual).

Final leds R - R - R - G (Reserved for initialization module use (PEIM)) - WTF?

Nothing changes, If I remove RAM from all slots. I got the same behaviour - same leds, 3 beeps.

Looks like RAM is damaged, but RAM diagnostic leds are off.

I have 4 RAM modules. I tried to power up with 1 RAM module in A1 slot (with each module), 2 modules in A1,B1 slots, etc.

It does't help - 3 beeps all the time.


Unfortunately, I have no another MB with FBDIMM-DDR2 to test RAM. Tried to replace video, clear cmos, nothing helps.

Is it RAM damaged or motherboard?

How to check it out? Any suggestions?


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I would say Intel servers are not the stablest thing in the world. When I assembled my server from a decommissioned server, I got all sorts of errors, mainly on RAM. I had to flash the BIOS, and rebooted it many times. Finally it booted up with warnings.

I know it is frustrating, but you'll have to keep trying. You RAMs should likely be ok. Try others RAMs if you can. Remember the RAM has to fill certain slots first.

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I would probably inspect the board for any possible grounding issue. You may also want to move the BIOS bank select to position 1-2 (recovery mode), if the unit successfully boots proceed with reflash your system BIOS and then move it back to position 2-3 (normal mode).