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S5500BC won't boot after firmware update

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S5500BC with 2 E5520 Xeons in Intel SC5650BRP chassis. 32 Gbytes memory. SRCSASLS4I RAID. I have 9 of these. After I updated the firmware on the last one to BIOS38, BMC40, ME111, and FRU16 using EFI and a flashdisk, the machine won't boot. It hangs after 5-10 seconds with error code 0&ECh on the board LEDs. User guide doesn't show this error code.

No CPU error lights, no DIMM error lights, power supplies show OK, fans running.

BIOS recovery didn't. Clearing CMOS had no effect.

No video. No keyboard response. Ideas ?????

Machine has been running for 8 weeks prior to the updates. Same updates from same flashdrive running fine on 8 machines.

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Thats a weird issue.

Does the BMC is live? ie in Out of Band are you able to talk to BMC?

To isolate the issues one by one.can you please follow the below mentioned steps

  • Boot the machine only with one processor and one memory
  • Remove all other devices in PCI slot and boot
  • Boot the machine in BMC forceupdate mode ( jumper J8C1, near to CMOS battery)

Lets see, if any of these method helps.

and Boot the machine without memory and you need to hear the beep code for memory missing.



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Runs for about 8 seconds from power on and then stops with 0&ECh on the LED's.

I haven't gotten any response from the BMC. I added an RMM3 card, but haven't gotten any response from it either.


One cpu, 1 DIMM: No change. (Don't think it runs long enough to hit the second CPU.)

Nothing in the slots: No change. (Again, it doesn't look like it gets to this point.)

BMC forceupdate: No change.

With no memory, I hear 3 beeps.

Machine ran fine for about 8 weeks, except for the fan noise. The FRU16 update slowed the fans immediately. But then it wouldn't reboot when I exited the EFI shell.

It's not completely dead, it goes through some steps that show on the LEDs. The power button has a 4 second delay before the machine halts.

Watching the LEDs, I think it's in the area of "DXE drivers" that it hangs.




Thanks for the response merv!

It looks like board is not dead and someother issue is hanging the machine witih POSTLED (0xECh).

Having said,this error code is not mentioned in TPS.

BTW, i tried to replicate the issue with the same f/w build and same setup. no luck. Not able to reproduce the issue.

I have no clue on DXE drivers? i need to dig deeply and revert back to you.



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Just wondering if this problem was ever resolved?