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S5520SC Motherboard, fans working on full power

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My problem is how to get the fans to work quieter.

Motherboard: S5520SC

Chassis: SC5650WS

All fans connected as instructed: 2 CPU fans, chassis fans to connectors 1,3,5

6x 2GB memory cards in slots A1-F1

I updated the BIOS today, to the latest version

I configured the BIOS - acoustics to: acoustic, open loop

I installed Windows 7 Pro, 64bit

Everything else works fine, just the fans make lots of noise working on full power

Any ideas????

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Latest BMC firmware and FRUSDR update will resolve your problem.


BMC firmware and FRUSDR update will resolve your problem.

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I reinstalled the Bios + BMC + SDR update again, it still didn't solve the problem.

BIOS version S5500.86B.01.00.0054 09/28/2010

BMC version 0.54

HSC version 0.00 (when updating the pakage i got the messages: Hot Swap Backplane is not detected, Local Control Panel is not detected, Front Panel Temperature Sensor is detected.

ME version 1.12

SDR version 0.28

i hear three short beeps at start-up which might be indication of bad memory or misplaced, but i checked them one by one and the beeps repeated for each, also no DIMM LEDs that indicate errors are lit. they are all 1066 Mhz, 2 GB, kingston memories of the same model, inserted in slots A1 to F1 (the blue slots)

none of the fan LEDs are lit. they all turn and in full speed. they start good at low speed for the first ten seconds then boost up.

i'm almost giving up.... i already spent days on this basic problem...

does anybody know if the case has to be closed when starting up the computer? it has a button that indicates when it is closed, i tried holding the button pressed but it didn't help.



The short beeps are indicative of USB devices installed on your server, see

The Quick Start Guide for this product details out the fan connection of which I think you got it correctly.

Also, follow the best known methods for updating your FRUSDR through this document.

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Thanks for the info. Knowing that the beeps are not an error and the memories are fine, helped a bit.

After updating the bios again from the late 054 version to the very new and latest 055 version jammed my computer from loading the windows system and didn't solve the fan problem. I advise users to think twice before installing this new update, until they fix it. I believe it will be soon.

What did solve the problem is the wonderful Selview log program, loaded through the EFI shell and logs all the errors. immediately i found that the problem was with the Chassis fan 1, although it's led didn't show a problem and vissually it seemed to spin like the others. replacing the fan with a new one, solved the problem.

Thanks for all the kind help

I hope I helped others


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Solved by using the Selview program loaded through the EFI shell. The log showed that there was an error in Chassis fan 1. Replacing it solved the problem.