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S5520UR RMM Problems (Video socket error)


Hi guys

I have a S5520UR serverboard with the Intel RMM Installed with following firmwares and everything:

System Information


Host Power Status : Host is currently ON


RMM3 Status : Intel(R) RMM3 installed


Device (BMC) Available : Yes


BMC FW Build Time : Jun 13 2011 16:17:38


BMC FW Rev : 00.57


Boot FW Rev : 00.18


SDR Package Version : SDR Package 0.24


Primary HSC FW Rev : 02.09


Secondary HSC FW Rev : (not present)


Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :


Local Control Panel (LCP) FW Rev : (not present)

According to this download:

Issues should be resolved with the Error about the video socket in the console view of Intel RMM, however, I still get this error altough I think and derive that from the system information, that everything is up to date. I read somewhere that with IPMItools I can restart the RMM console thing (without erasing settings) and all is OK then... Can someone help me to do this as a temporary workaround from a Windows client? My server is running ESXi 5...

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OK guys, so far I have answerred one question myself, I was able to logon to the IPMI-shell with an Ubuntu machine on my network by installing "ipmitool" and opening a session by using this command:

ipmitool -H *IPADDRESS OF YOUR IPMI* -U root shell

After you open this session, you can do a cold reset:

mc reset cold

Info thanks to:

But I would like to get a solution longterm for this issue...

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I can SSH from my PC to the IP address that the RMM Website is on and login, but the command "mc reset mc "MC reset cold" gives an error. I am at the ">> SMASH-CLP Console v1.09 <<"</code>


I turned the power off for the server and turned it back on, but still get the video socket error.

If I have my data center actually pull the plug and re-plug, is that likely to reset the RMM?


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pulling the power for 20 seconds, will reset the RMM.

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your code stack is pretty old.

  1. Record your BMC configuration
  2. Update to newer BMC (and the rest of the code stack)
  3. Restore the BMC defaults (fwpiaupd /setdef)
  4. Edit the BMC settings back to your configuration

After doing these steps, I have not heard of the issue returning.


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