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S845 WD1 Server doesn't boot

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We are running an old Intel S845 WD1 at our small school as an application server. It is running Novell 6.0 OS. Last weekend while updating software on the pc's on the network I got "no server / server tree found on network" message. When I checked the server, the power led was lit, fans were running but not video output to the monitor. I did a reset and got power led, fans powered up but not beeps, no video. Apparently not getting to bios boot? Where do I start looking for solutions? I'm not an IT guru, just a volunteer trying to help a small school.

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One easy test is, remove all power, remove all memory, then reattach power and try to boot.

If it gives you three beeps with no memory, it might just be that the memory has gone bad.

If you still get no beeps, even with no memory, the board is most likely dead

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Pulled the memory with all power disconnected then reconnected power and tried to boot. No beeps, no video continues. I guess that most likely means "fried" MB. Thanks for your help. I had suspected as much just nice to confirm through someone else.