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SBS 2008 on S3420GP with SASMF8I raid. Will not start setup?



I have built a server using a S3420GP server board with Xeon x3440, in a SC5650BRP case using a SASMF8I pcie SAS raid controller. I have been able to configure the drives into raid 1 and set the bios to boot from DVD then SAS raid. When I put in the SBS2008 setup disk after Post and it starts to read off the DVDROM all I get is a blank screen with the speaker beeping constantly(doesnt seem to be a pattern). I have tried other boot disks and they are fine only seems to be an issues with Small Business server 2008.

Is there something I have missed in the bios setup to get this to work? Is something not compatible with in this setup?

Any help on this matter would be much appricated.

Thanks Nat

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As it turns out, I tried a USB DVD-ROM and SBS setup booted up, so looks like the sata DVD-ROM is the issue ill have to test it in other machines to see if its faulty or just doesnt like this setup. Two days of trying all sorts of things and its a faulty brand new DVD.

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