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SC5520HC & SC5600BASE reboots after Server 2008 R2 "shutdown"

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SC5520HC & SC5600BASE reboots after Server 2008 R2 "shutdown".

When i shutdown the Server, the Server shutdown for 2-3 sec, then the Server power on and reboot.

Newest BIOS, FRU , . . .

Whats wrong?


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This is a strange one

It sound like the OS is selecting RESTART rather than shutdown for some reason.

Try running from the run command:

shutdown -a

to see if it does the restart,

You can also check in BIOS set up under server management and let us know what setting you have for AC power fail.( or somethng like that) Options should be reset, stay off, last state.

If set for any thing other than stay off, try it with this value set to the stay off setting.

If someting is going on with the stand by power (so added in cards can draw a lot as the system is shutting down) the system might be seeing a shut down as a power failure.

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Hi Doc!

THanks for your answer.

I can not shutdown the Server 2008 R2 with this command. Error 1116

In German "das herunterfahren des systems konnte nicht abgebrochen werden, da das system zurzeit nicht herunterfahren wird. (1116)

Must be in english "Unable to abort the system shutdown because no shutdown was in progress. (1116)

I have a new SC5600BASE Case, newer used.

The Motherbaord is a Intel Warranty exchange Motherboard. (become it 2 weeks ago).

My BIOS Settings:

Server Management: Resume on AC Power Loss [STAY OFF]

Advanced: System Acoustics and Performance Configuration: Set throttling Mode [Auto]

When I make "shutdow" with Mouse (Start-shutdown) the server turns off, but only for maybe 3 seconds, then the server powers on and start again.

Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

All Updates , SP1

All drivers are newest from Intel Site


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Hi !

Tried today with a Ubuntu 10.04 X64 Live CD. After a:

sudo shutdown -h now

The Server powers off for maybe 3 sec and powers on. The same Problem as with Windows.

What to do ???

A RMA for the exchanged Board? Or a RMA for the SC5600BASE Case? It is a new one.


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