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SR1630 Remote management


Hi. I recently bought a SR1630 1U rack mount server with a s3420 motherboard. Unfortunately the supplier quoted me wrong and when I wanted to buy the remote management module for this server I was told that it cannot utilize it. This server is going into a datacentre as part of a new business I am starting and I need to be able to get onto the desktop remotely in case there is a problem. I can use RDp but what if the server is frozen and I need to get into the recovery console?

Is there a module available that I can install to get this access? I see the BIOS does have configuration settings for remote management but apparently this does not work on this board. Thank you in advance for any advise.

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The SR1630GP system comes with a S3420GPLC board, which doesn't have a RMM3 connector. In the S3420GP family, only S3420GPLX and S3420GPRX have RMM3 connector.

However, for pre-OS remote management, you can use the CLI utility, which supports console redirection via SOL. To use CLI you'll need to do the following:

1. Configure BMC LAN channel on SR1630GP in BIOS. Note it should be different than the IP address of the OS installed.

2. Enable Console Redirection in BIOS.

3. Install CLI on another server or PC.

4. Launch CLI and connect to BMC LAN IP address.

Follow the CLI user guide for more details.