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SR2612UR server reboots with CATERR



I have a SR2612UR server with S5520UR board and RS2bl040 raid controller. I have recentrly installed some Samsung SSD's and the performance was improved but after a few days the server rebooted unexpectedly. In Intel Active System Console i found the following logs:

2014-05-12 15:19:08BIOS Evt Sensor reports Timestamp Clock Sync. Event is first of two expected events from BIOS on every power on.InformationalOpen10.1.1.2341772014-05-12 15:20:02OS Boot sensor 0 reports the boot from drive C has been completed.InformationalOpen10.1.1.2341782014-05-12 15:20:02Operating system bootup.InformationalOpen10.1.1.2341792014-05-12 15:19:46BIOS Evt Sensor reports a system boot event has occurred.InformationalOpen10.1.1.2341802014-05-12 15:18:45CATERR reports it has been asserted.CRITICALClosed10.1.1.2341812014-05-12 15:18:50Pwr Unit Status reports the power unit is powered off or being powered down.InformationalClosed10.1.1.2341822014-05-12 15:18:42BIOS Evt Sensor reports Timestamp Clock Sync. Event is second of two expected events from BIOS on every power on.InformationalClosed10.1.1.2341832014-05-12 15:18:55Pwr Unit Status reports the power unit is powered on.InformationalClosed10.1.1.2341842014-05-12 15:18:56CATERR reports it has been deasserted.InformationalClosed10.1.1.234185

I found on some other forums that C6 State setting from BIOS could cause some troubles and disabling could solve those random reboots. Coult that be the sollution? Is there any side effects for disabling C6 CPU State?

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I would suggest you first check if your BIOS/Firmware is updated. Also check if the components, especially memory, is on the Tested memory and hardware list.

As for C-states, those are the power saving states to reduce power consumption while the CPU is idle. Deeper C-States means lower power consumption, but longer entry/exit latency. C6 is the deep power down state that the CPU internal voltage is close to 0. You may try to disable it as a step of troubleshooting.


The memory rdimms are KVR13R9D4/8I and are on the tested list but the SSDs are not on that list. We will try first to disable C6 state from bios and hope it will solve our problem. We will schedule a downtime for this operation and come back with updates.