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SR2612URR - indication of the rear panel.

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Hi all.

On this page - control panel LED definition:

LEDs light B and E. From the description that has yet to be light and LED A, but it does not.

3.3V is normal, all the new firmware - is there a solution?

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The second System Status LED (C) is off. When connect power cord to the power supply - B and C LED in 20-30 sec stay on, then they off. After 2-3 sec shortly light B LED and them off. When pressing power button - (as I writes) B and E LED is on, and all other is off.

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Apparently no one encountered this problem or do not pay attention to it.

Then another problem (maybe who knows the solution):

upgrade FRUSDR does not automatically to define a platform, that says "Power supply FRU is invalid. Falling back to user selection as auto detection is not possible." Choose from a list of their proposed models. Next, a list of detected hardware - processors, power supplies, and ... "Front Panel Temperature sensor device hardware not found. Chassis fan Speed Control (FSC) will not work properly without this sensor!". Next update FRUSDR passes normally and everything seems to work, but it is clear that such an error during the update process should not be. Such behavior when updating FRUSDR observed on a sample platform. Who knows what could be wrong?

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if I followed the A,B & C correctly, they are normal.

A = on any time AC is applied

B = on when booted

C = on only when an issue has occurred (check sel logs) valid after ~ 60 seconds

D = pretty blue light to help you find the server in a room full of servers.


The FRU error can be caused by the BMC not being ready.

If you just did a large jump in the code levels might be one possibility

The next attempt passing makes this seem most likly or if you did a AC cycle to reset the BMC.