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SRCS16 RAID Controller - Rebuild issues


Here is my scenario of what is happening:


2 drives for boot (array 0) - RAID 1

3 drives for data (array 1) - RAID 5

1 drive as global hotswap

1) Replaced hot swap spare with another drive around noon today. Did the spin down on the old, put the new drive in the drive bracket, put it in the rack, and did the spin up. Web Console showed drive, and I marked it as a global spare.

2) I failed a drive in array 1 about 5pm. Removed it from the array. Web Console shows reconstructing occuring, but the global hotswap drive still shows as a global hotswap and not part of array 1. As the drive started supposedly rebuilding, the power went off. The server rebooted, but took like 20 minutes to come back up.

3) After reboot, the Web Console still does not show the hot swap spare as part of the array.

So my question is, is it actually reconstructing?

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