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SRCSASJV Controller supports Autoloaders? (NEC LL009F)


Does the SRCSASJV Controller support Tape Libraries?

Have here a SAS Tape Autoloader Compact Autoloader LL009F : Tape Storage | NEC

Tried to connect to external 0-3 Port and 4-7 Port.

No device were found.

Also tried to with device manager from Seagate Backup Exec 2010 R3

I cannot sse the Loader in BIOS from SRCSASJV, and I cannot see the Loader from Raid Manager (newest firmware, Manager)

The Autoloaders are not on the Hardware List from LSI.


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Re: SRCSASJV Controller supports Autoloaders? (NEC LL009F)


The Tested Hardware and Operating System list for the SRCSASJV shows Tape and Optical drives from Tandberg Data, HP and Quantum. To support tape and optical drives they would need to be set up as pass though devices (not part of a RAID array).

The Compact Tape Autoloader (LL009F) hardware compatibility for host bus adapters shows the LSI SAS 3442E-R HOST BUS ADAPTER which uses the LSISAS1068E SAS Processor and the LSI SAS 9212-4i4e HOST BUS ADAPTER that uses an IO Controller LSI SAS2008.

The SRCSASJV RAID controller uses the LSISAS1078 SAS Processor. The 1078 is kind of in between the 1068E and the 2008. But it is interesting that the LL009F hardware compatibility doesn't list any LSI1078 controller adapters.

In short, we don't show the autoloader as a compatible device and in these situations, we would recommend that the customer do necessary validation to be confident in using said device. Seems you've done that and found it doesn't work with the SRCSASJV.



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Re: SRCSASJV Controller supports Autoloaders? (NEC LL009F)

Hi John!

Thank you for the Answer.

I bought a LSI 9212-4i4e Controller, flashed the right firmware for Tape-drives.


thanks & regards

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