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SS4000-E change disk problem



I have a ss4000-E with 4 disk (500gb each) and RAID 5 running for 3 years now. Yesterday the disk number 4 crashed and i replaced it with a new similar one. The rebuilding process began normaly until the process screen changed to a "Disc change notification screen" (attached). Until that time i have access to the data as always. After that i can't see the stored files (although i can see some of the folders). The thing that has changed is that recognize the 3rd disk as new while it isn't.

The leds on the device are still like when the rebuilding started. (image attached)

I have very big problem as the data on the system is very crucial for me and my small company (3 years of work).

Please if anyone could help i would apreciate!!!

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The picture seems to imply that disks 3 and 4 died at the same time.

Fortunately, since it's a RAID5, once disk 4 is done rebuilding, you should be able to access all your data.

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