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SS4200-3 Disconnected Network Drives after Reboot - persistent



We just installed the new Intel Entry Storage System MAnager software for the SS4200-e storage device and for the client. The version is now


Since the upgrade people can no longer connect to the network drives as the drives are mapped automatically with the start of the PC or notebook but shown as "Disconnected Network Drive".


So when we open the Intel Entry Storage System Manager on a PC and click "Access Shared Folders" the system lists all forlders, but with no rive letter, as all drive letters are mapped.

So the people can not cnnect to the drives anymore => System Offline.

To resolve the issue i tried the following:


1. net use * / delete


2. net use /persistent:no


3. Reboot PC


=> The system comes up with no drives mapped.


4. Open Storage Manager


5. Assign the drive letters and connect the drives


=> People can work again, all drives OK


6. Reboot PC


=> All drives are still mapped and we can not connect as they are in the status "Disconnected Network Drive"

What can we do to resolve this issue? With the pörevious version 1.0.5 this had worked perfectly fine.

Thanks for any help,


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What if you click the drive letter of those disconnected network drives? Do you get any error messages, or the drives get connected? To my experience XP won't connect network drives until they're accessed.

You may also try to manually map those shared folders in Windows Explorer.

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